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Shopify Marketing Guide

Learn how to create a money making Shopify store for fun and profit.

Get my marketing tips for your Shopify Store or other eCommerce Website.

After working 20 years on e-commerce websites including Shopify stores, I find myself giving the same advice to many entrepreneurs. My hope is that this guide will help you avoid the mistakes made by beginner Shopify store owners. Let’s “fix” your store and work together to automate, scale and repeat!

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Who is Roy Harken?

I am a co-founder of Vabzu and have been helping people with their websites, marketing automation and lead generation for 20 years. While I have enjoyed working for several large corporations, my passion comes from running my own business and helping people directly. I have helped thousands of people earn significant income in addition to their full time jobs and have helped hundreds of people to their part-time passion gig into a six-figure business. I'm able to help business owners with their online reputation, lead generation and sales funnels by focusing on tried and true marketing techniques and avoiding "gimmicks".

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